Viking Animation

I did this animation in 2003 using LightWave. LW has this awesome halftone shader that allows you to shade surfaces with dots, line or hatches. This is the line version. I love that it looks like a woodcut, which is the look that I try to give my ink drawings. The light dark areas, besides obeying standard shadows and specular highlights, are primarily based on the diffuse setting. Add the outline setting on a per-object basis, and you get an animation with an engraving-like look.
On the downside, great care has to be taken to ensure that moire patterns are not generated on the majority of devices an animation with this techniqe is played on. Scroll the window up and down and you’ll probably see some moire pattern flickering.

Page Turn

Done for iLevel Media, this animation was intended for a website. When the page turned, the book would open fully and the pages would transition into the subsequent interactive web page.
I UV mapped the client, Jon Baade’s hands onto the 3d hands, then used “brute force” motion capture... I video taped my own hands turning a page, then manipulated the 3d joints in my 3d hand to match the video.

Hair Growing Animation

Done for a product called the iGrow, which is FDA approved to stop hair loss, this segment of the video described the process of hair growth, and the death of a follicle.

Associated Bank Convention Opener

Despite the requisite stuffy nature of bank staff functions, these folks actually asked me for a south-park-style animation. Very organized, I was handed a humorous, finished script, and photos of the individuals involved with plenty of time to develop the animation. Done in Maya, I would definitely do this in After Effects today.
Done for iLevel Media.


A globe animation showing client locations around the... globe.

ConExpo Animation

Trade show booth animation.