Industrial & Medical

OAW spot

Animation for 3 televisions spots, using Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects, done for Orthopedic Associates of Wisconsin.


Done for MGI (Menomonee Falls), this and 3 other animations describe the usage of a specialized catheter.

MGI - Kauffman

One of 8 animationsdescribing the attributes of an automated milling machine.

Rite Hite

One of several animations describing the advantages of a padded docking cushion.

Kohler Generators

Done for Brown Boots interactive, An animation describing how a home emergency power generator activates in the event of a power outage.

Palm Sander

Literally one of the first animations that I did. I cannibalized a palm sander that I owned to make this. I measured and modeled every piece of the device. 2002.

Rock Crushing Factory (MGI)

One of several animations describing the advantages of a modular rock crushing factory.


One of 3 animations done for Briggs & Stratton, describing the difference between horse power and torque.


Animation of a device for lifting very, Very large tractors. With iLevel Media.

GE, Mac 5500

iLevel did the video, I provided the 3d descriptive animations.

GE Trophon

After Effects project for GE.

GE Mac 2000

After Effects project for GE.